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What makes a good whiskey?

A sipping whiskey versus a whiskey that you may shoot in a shot are generally two different calibers of Spirit. The best way to drink whiskey is in the way in which you enjoy it. At pourmore.com we focus on acquiring special whiskeys from around the world that allow our subscribers to enjoy rare and enticing flavors. The best way to drink these whiskeys are typically neat or simply in a glass or with an ice cube. Ever since whiskey was first created in the barley-rich fields of Scotland and Ireland, the search for the best whiskey has been the hobby and profession for many.  With the recent revival of whiskey-drinkers, many have attempted home brewing, relied on professional breweries, or have imported authentic bottles from the heartlands of Britain to find the greatest quality. Patrons looking for the best sipping whiskey may find it in a blended scotch or perhaps a single malt. When choosing a whiskey of the month club be sure to chose a level that suites your level of enthusiasm, you can always upgrade or change later. Check out our Bourbon of the month club, Whiskey of the month club and Scotch of the month club here .

One of the finest aspects of Pourmore.com that makes us special is our scotch of the month club. We offer our customers a chance to enjoy top scotch brands from around the world that they won't always have access to in a retail store. We focus on bringing you the best Scotch whiskey with our scotch of the month club. We also offer two tiers to ensure your ability to try our scotch of the month club at a great value with the ability to upgrade to a top Scotch brand each month if you desire. Some of the best ways to drink scotch are in a small snifter with you either a touch of water or one ice cube so that the ice can slowly melt while you're sipping your scotch or simply enjoy it neat. The Scotch tasting is a process in which you look for specific flavors and notes in the drink. Whether you're enjoying the best single malt of your life or simply A classic from your reserve you’ll appreciate the subtleties of each scotch as they entice your palette. Distillation of whiskey takes place as it ages in oak barrels. During this time, it increases its alcohol content and enhances the flavor. The longer it is aged, the smoother the mouthfeel and a higher alcohol content it will contain and  these factors tend to represent the attributes of a top shelf whiskey. At pourmore.com we look to ship you very special whiskeys each month that we know are sure to please and instill new flavor profiles within your library that will inspire and delight you. Explore our whiskey of the month packages.

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What's inside the box?

At Pourmore.com we ship you fantastic whiskeys each month. You choose your preference of Bourbon, Scotch or Whiskey and we take care of the rest. You may be able to choose a tier level of quality based on your spirit of choice. We include literature with your monthly box explaining the details and heritage of that particular spirit. You are sure to enjoy not only the beverage but the acquisition of history with your spirit each month. You can  subscribe to a whiskey of the month, bourbon of the month or scotch of the month.

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Some of our favorite whiskeys include:

bowmore bourbon

Bowmore's Small Batch Reserve is matured in first and second fill ex bourbon casks, resulting in a sweet, spicy and smoky whisky the we love.

Bowmore's Small Batch Reserve is created in selective limited batches that help preserve it's tender finish. It's a fine example of a well matured whiskey.


WhistlePig produces a 100-proof, straight rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double-barrel process. An award winning whiskey.

WhistlePig embodies the perfect combination of proof, purity and age leaving the palette satisfied with each sip. This will continue to be a delicious and proven whiskey.

macallan scotch

Surprisingly robust and fruity compared to the nose. Golden sultanas, dates, apple peelings and a dusting of cinnamon. Cereal notes on the mid-palate.

100%  sherry casks are what separate this whiskey from most. Macallen's traditions are the envy of most whiskey producers, a fine treat.

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